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Colors: Ginghams and Stripes

We strive to make every fabric color displayed on this website appear as accurate as possible, but we cannot guarantee that image colors are exactly the same as the actual material. Due to the large variation of settings on monitors, video cards, operating systems, internet browsers, and their effects, we cannot guarantee that the colors displayed on this screen will exactly match the actual colors of fabrics. Swatches are available upon request for you to see actual fabric colors.

Our colors contain top quality dye stuffs and we use the most modern dyeing procedures. However, due to the nature of some high intensity colors, we do not guarantee against crocking, color transfer, and abnormal cleaning methods, such as dry cleaning, spot washing, chlorine bleach, fabric softeners, etc. As each customer has different end uses for our product, we strongly recommend that you test our fabric for your particular requirements. As the value of binding is negligible compared to that of the product onto which it is being sewn, we cannot be responsible for any damage that may result. We take every measure to ensure consistency of shade from dye lot to dye lot. It is impossible, however, to guarantee absolute perfection. Deliveries will be a commercial match to colors shown.